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Choosing the Best Website Platform for Your Business

Marketers love WordPress for its refreshed content and SEO flexibility. Web Designers love WordPress for its customisation and flexibility and clients love WordPress for its ease of use and scalability.

Hardly a revelation then to conclude that the most powerful websites are those built using CMS…but what if the very company we all want to get into bed with has declared its affections for the worlds most ubiquitous blogging platform!
With the relationship between WordPress, the platform used to power over 25% of the world’s 10 million biggest websites and the worlds largest search engine seemingly given an official seal of approval our Digital Gurus explore why WordPress websites are the perfect match to get your website on the first page of Google.

In just eleven short years of existence, WordPress has grown to dominate the CMS sector and permeate the web on an unprecedented scale. At the last count 75+ Million websites, which represents 28.2% of the entire world wide web are dependent on the Content Management System (CMS) that is WordPress.

Considering that approximately 120,000 domain names are registered worldwide per day, it’s safe to say that the affinity between WordPress and Google is set to grow over the coming years. So why does Google love WordPress so much? Our Digital Gurus have put together 10 reasons why Google loves WordPress.


1. Google loves text – The WordPress WYSIWYG editor means sites are predominately text based which is easy for Google’s spiders to crawl.

2. Google loves being refreshed content – Every second, 5 new posts are published on the WordPress CMS platform due to its ease of use and it being not solely dependent on coding. Check out this WordPress activity map –

3. Google loves logical architecture – WordPress is designed logically and is updated constantly to eradicate bugs. With 46 Million downloads to date, each new release comes with several performance improvements.

4. Google loves SEO – because of the way WordPress is structured, the blog-based design and  availability of plug ins such as SEO Yoast, make WordPress a very SEO friendly platform.

5. Google loves mobile friendly – The WordPress platform is open source meaning programmers are continually updating and creating responsive themes that are tablet and mobile friendly.

6. Google loves speed – Those good eggs at WordPress are constantly endeavouring to make the platform faster and more efficient.

7. Google loves video – The popularity of WordPress is due in no small part to its powerful core functionality which support plug ins. There are 29,000 WordPress Plugins currently available and growing daily to allow video integration at the copy and past of a video link.

8. Google loves being social – Google’s algorithm give blog and news posts with increased social reaction more priority in its search rankings.

9. Google loves a site map – Providing Google links to all pages on your site in a sitemap, preferably in the .xml format, helps Google to index your website content quickly and effectively.

10. Google loves qualityGoogle Panda and Google Penguin updates have been launched with the mantra of ‘Quality is King”. Focus on unique, well thought out content that engages your social peers and site visitors. Google uses social media metrics, on site engagement, bounce rate of a page etc to determine if visitors are loving your content.


Notable brands that have opted for a WordPress website platform include BBC Top Gear, Mercedes Benz and AMC’s The Walking Dead.


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