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Social Media Marketing Malarkey
PSSST…We’re celebrating 4 short years of all things Guru with our very own brand of social media marketing malarkey. Our strategic, creative and digital gurus have conjured up some Guru Giveaways to reward our facebook friends… Introducing the limited edition GuruWatch – a ‘Bobby Dazzler‘ combination of Brains, Brawn and Bonzer good looks. GuruWatch taps into threeguru’s creative DNA.
2 tweets yield $17 billion with content marketing
Are you still unsure about the value of social media marketing or content marketing for your business? Try telling that to billionaire hedge fund manager Carl Icahn. He recently disclosed a large stake in Apple and declared he was encouraging the company to increase the buyback program — on Twitter, of all places, and the ...
How To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing
digital-branding-agency Motion graphics, video for web and the creation of a social media presence were all part of threeguru’s integrated marketing strategy for Nottingham based print finishers GM Finishing. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=fszBpq7GcaQ width=1280 height=720 anchor=]   The launch of a responsive website,, including search engine optimisation and a content management system were also identified as pivotal long term marketing objectives from ...
Motion Graphics & Animation
Social media marketing – How to drive social networking traffic to your website with the help of motion graphics and animation? If you’re still sceptical about the power of social media marketing its probably time to rethink your digital marketing strategy. Firstly social marketing is free, secondly you can manage it internally and lastly a myriad of tools, analytics and dashboards are available to help organise and drive your digital marketing strategy. Increasing ...
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