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£9 billion reasons why Google loves video

The web geeks at Guru Towers know more than most that achieving a front page Google search engine ranking is harder than designing a school fête poster without Comic Sans.

So what if we told you there was an easy way to help boost your Google search results?

Content rich media for news and blog articles will improve your search engine keyword results and compliment your existing search engine optimisation activity.


This is exactly what Derby marketing agency threeguru have discovered for a West Midlands engineering company who have been stealing a march on their competition with a Google front page video listing.

A fastrack to an improved search engine result sounds too good to be true, but what if the answer has been staring us all in the face for over a decade.

Cast your mind back to November 13th 2006. Google had just announced the acquisition of YouTube, a mere 18 months after the video-sharing social media platforms launch for £1.65billion. Fast forward to 2017 and Google aside, YouTube is the now web’s second largest search engine with estimated yearly revenues of £9 billion. Starting to see the picture as to why Google loves video so much?

Perhaps no coincidence then that YouTube video content is now 53 times more likely than a traditional web page to be found in Google. With over 100 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute and a mind boggling 1 billion unique visitors a month it hardly a coincidence that YouTube’s estimated revenues have reached $17 million per day.

Google’s recent algorithm updates – the software that calculates the rank of each page based on a multitude of factors – now favours content rich, blended search results with emphasis on user experience, page relevance and refreshed content.


The Google/YouTube duopoly has shifted the search landscape, displaying videos towards the top of search results, pushing down and sometimes off the front page traditional web results that would have otherwise competed for top rankings.

Google’s ability to find and index videos will inevitably become more refined over time, which is why sectors such as engineering, manufacturing, commercial and residential property are starting to wake up to harnessing the power of YouTube.


A well optimised YouTube channel with engaging video content, website links and social media engagement can be a catalyst to allow fledgling brands to compete for rankings with well-established websites.

Turn your static website into a dynamic, interactive experience and drive visitors to your website through improved social media engagement, search engine rankings and harnessing the power of YouTube.

Video is proven to increase engagement or ‘stickiness’, considered to be an important factor when Google ranks page authority. The more time a person stays on your website, the better the page search engine ranking is likely to be.

If you haven’t created video content for your website yet, it’s time you followed Google’s lead and start sharing the YouTube love!

Here’s just a few ideas, from over 50 video projects we have worked on in little over 3 years that make up our video portfolio. Hopefully this will give you some idea of how your brand can start harnessing the power of YouTube to gain a search rankings in Google.

1. Corporate video
2. Exhibitions
3. Social media
4. Company timeline
5. Health & Safety
6. Induction
7. Product explanation
8. Animations
9. Talking heads
10. Product case studies
11. Timelapse
12. Training videos

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