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How to get your website on the first page of Google?

Derby based creative design agency threeguru have teamed up with IKO Polymeric, a global leader of roofing systems, to add credence to the question on everyones lips… ‘How to get your website on the first page of Google’.

Having spent the last four years advising clients on SEO keywords and website strategies, the Derwent Business Centre based design agency were delighted to respond to a web enquiry from IKO Polymeric.


The Chesterfield based manufacturers marketing team were actively searching Google for a creative design agency and were impressed by threeguru’s website and creativity thanks to their Google front page ranking.

Fast forward a few weeks and the creative gurus have already delivered a suite of IKO branded event collateral, which will see IKO Polymeric and IKO Group added to a creative portfolio of over 100 active clients.

A contented IKO Polymeric Marketing Manager, Buket Aydinlik was full of praise for the gurus creativity. “We were looking for an agency who could help us with artwork design and the origination of fresh and creative ideas. After searching Google for local marketing agencies, one of the websites that came up in the search results was threeguru’s.”

“Its design stood out amongst others and impressed me with the level of creativity. Having our first job delivered, I am convinced that we made the right decision to choose to work with Threeguru.”

How to get your website on the first page of GoogleWith the gurus on the first page of Google for one of their many strategic keywords, Threeguru’s Digital & New Media Director, Lee Day was feeling rightly pleased about their keyword success.

“Right from the word go we set out to build a website that was keyword optimised to allow us to be found in Google.’

“Despite the threeguru website undergoing several evolutions of change since it was launched in 2013 our overriding SEO and keyword strategy has remained constant and is audited continually based on user search experience.”


The advice from the Gurus is simple, be realistic and consistent with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) targets and timescales. Ensure everything is underpinned with a short, medium and long term SEO strategy and update your website at every available opportunity.

As threeguru and many of their portfolio of clients are starting to discover, a consistent keyword strategy and regularly updated website will improve your chances of permeating Google’s search algorithm and answer the million dollar question….How to get your website on the first page of Google?


To ensure your website is crawled regularly by Google’s web crawling bot, Googlebot, the gurus have put together their 10 best tips guide.

1. Start with a keyword audit that identifies short, medium and long term keyword targets.
2. Write and distribute PR relative to your chosen keywords.
3. Build reciprocal web links within your sector to optimise your website page rank
4. Keyword optimise your page urls relative to your chosen keywords.
5. Keyword optimise your images relative to your chosen keywords.
6. Ensure your front page has refreshed content from a news or blog feed and updated pages can be added to Google’s search index.
7. Tag and categorize your news stories using an easy to use plug in such as SEO Yoast
8. Verify your business on Google maps and encourage reviews
9. Ensure your website is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly
10. Consider integrating video to enrich your user search experience (Google owns YouTube and we fast tracked an engineering client to the front page of Google via their YouTube listing)

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