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Corporate Video Production

Founded in 1965 Steed Upholstery are synonymous with creating upholstery of outstanding quality and pride themselves on creating only the finest hand made furniture, sold through a network of independent retailers and high street furniture chains throughout the UK and beyond.


Corporate Video

To mark their 50th year Steed Upholstery commissioned a corporate video to convey the handmade quality of there bespoke manufacturing process to an increasingly global audience. Our brief from Steed Upholstery was simple… to produce a corporate video production that exudes the refined elegance you would expect from one of the UK’s leading furniture manufacturers.

With careful consideration we scripted the narrative, matched this to a hand picked female voice over artist and recorded the perfect tone to articulate the Steed Upholstery story over a subtle background audio. Our meticulous attention to lighting detail ensured all of our raw video footage was filmed to recreate the hallmark of photographic quality as if captured in a showroom environment.

Each and every camera angle, lens choice, slider movement or tracking shot was carefully considered by the threeguru corporate video production team during the two day filming process to capture an array of working environments and manufacturing processes.

The finished corporate video is currently undergoing trials to become the focal point of a freestanding point of sale display unit (FSDU) as part of a considered drive to increase sales revenue across Steed Upholstery’s network of independent retailers.

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