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Choosing the Best Website Platform for Your Business
wordpress_seo_tips Marketers love WordPress for its refreshed content and SEO flexibility. Web Designers love WordPress for its customisation and flexibility and clients love WordPress for its ease of use and scalability. Hardly a revelation then to conclude that the most powerful websites are those built using CMS…but what if the very company we all want to get into bed with has declared its affections for the worlds most ubiquitous blogging platform! With the ...
£9 billion reasons why Google loves video
google-loves-video The web geeks at Guru Towers know more than most that achieving a front page Google search engine ranking is harder than designing a school fête poster without Comic Sans. So what if we told you there was an easy way to help boost your Google search results? Content rich media for news and blog articles will improve your search engine keyword results and compliment your existing search engine ...
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