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Is your mobile website hurting your search rankings?

Love it or loathe it, the revolutionary Apple Iphone has changed the face of mobile computing, design and modern culture since its launch almost 10 years ago to the day.

Whether you’re a techy guru, a marketing specialist or CEO, you’ll need to pay attention to Google’s latest change to how your website ranks.

In November last year, Google announced a new method of indexing your site.  They are looking to make their site indexing based on mobile-first content, which will eventually become the primary way for Google to rank pages from your site.

Desktop sites will still be indexed but will be penalised as they move towards a more mobile-focused index.  In simple terms if you don’t have a responsive website or the primary content is different across mobile and desktop, you should consider making some changes now.


Can’t live without your phone?  It’s a well known fact that our worlds centre around our mobiles and the stats support this as mobile search share has overtaken desktop and is continuing to grow.  In the UK the percentage of mobile minutes spent online is 61% (based on a comScore 2017 mobile usage report) It’s now time for businesses to take mobile seriously!

User behavior and expectation on mobile devices is very different to desktop; users demand a quick, concise solution with fresh, stripped back navigation but be careful not to strip back on the content.  Having a website and separate mobile site that varies vastly is no longer good enough in the eyes of Google.

So, it’s time to snap out of that ‘desktop bubble’ and start prioritising – if you don’t start planning, your competitors will!  Give us a call, talk to our strategic gurus who would be happy to look at your existing site and offer some advice.

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